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I have just created my first research paper. This has been prepared for the Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications: VS-Games 2014. If approved, the paper will be published within the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and the research will be presented at the conference next September. 

The research is related to what I had submitted for my dissertation. The topic is related to Gamification of Project Management. 

Will keep this blog updated with any updates in this matter. 

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Perspectron, the game me and my friends Anthony Demanuele and Neville Attard developed in 48 hours under the name of Mighty Pirates was featured on the Times of Malta on the 13th March 2014.

Please take some time to play the game and leave some feedback.

TimesPerspectronArticle 1024x648 Perspectron by the Mighty Pirates, Times of Malta Article

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I’ve just returned from 48 hours of fun! Last Friday I was presenting Battles on the Horizon and Scarfish, with Anthony Demanuele on behalf of Barbagann Games. The presentation was held as part of the Malta Global Game Jam event, organised by the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta. 

The presentation was part of the kick-off for the Global Game Jam event. The Institute of Digital Games was Malta’s Game Jam site. This year, the theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”. 

Based on this theme, myself, Anthony Demanuele and Neville Attard came up with the game ‘Perspectron‘. This is how it looked 48 hours from when the theme was announced - 

Perspectron is a 3D infinite runner game where you must change the size of the sphere which is being controlled in order to pass through certain obstacles.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated since we intend to take this further. 

2 22 Malta Global Game Jam 2014   Perspectron

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My Gamification article for Times of Malta has been published yesterday.

IMG 20140117 1633291 1024x768 Gamification Article on Times of Malta

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I am ecstatic after receiving my final results. Overall, I have achieved a first-class degree from the University of London. Having said that, the best part is that I was able to achieve the highest mark from all the international students who submitted their dissertation in 2013 with the University of London. With this achievement, the University of London awarded me with an Award for Academic Achievement.

I am glad that all my effort has finally paid off. 

The dissertation has also been chosen by the University of London to be published within their library. 

My work was related to the recently emerged term, Gamification. The next step is to publish my research in the form of a research paper. 


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I have just submitted my Dissertation for the BSc Creative Computing degree which I am reading at the University of London. My thesis was related to ‘Gamification’. I will link the dissertation if it is published by the University once it is corrected. 

This marks a new chapter in my life, now that the degree is over I will be looking towards the future. I will try to learn new technologies now that I have more free time, or perhaps further my studies in the near future. 

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I was interviewed by the Times of Malta about the release of our game Scarfish, which was released on iOS and Android Stores. The article was published on the iTech section in the Times of Malta Thursday, 7th 2013  and was also published online.

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Download Scarfish for free:


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The game we (Barbagann Games) had developed during GameDev Challenge 2011 and GameZing 2011 has now been released on the Google Play store. Feel free to download it and leave any comments or suggestions:

scarfishHeader Scarfish   Free Android App on Google Play


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Lan Gaming Years

My passion for developing and designing games comes from the passion for playing them. I spent most of my teenage years involved in the local competitive gaming community, mainly playing Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, FIFA and Command and Conquer. I spent my last years active in the gaming community managing and playing with Xynoptic eSports. This is something about our team which I managed to find from our old website’s About Page; 

Xynoptic eSports


Xynoptic was formed in October 2007 by Murderer and Cappu. The team, at that time was concentrating on Call of Duty 2, but after a couple of weeks the team decided to move on to Call of Duty 4. The roster for Call of Duty 4 included MurD3rer, POKER, G@S, Xpander and Overlord. With this roster, the team managed to get a decent placing in Reckless Lan, but for Murderer this wasn’t enough. So he decided that some changes needed to take place. Xpander and Overlord left the team, and the likes of nAjil and Desert-Fox got in. With the new roster the team managed to win their first Cod 4 Lan, at Alive Lan v2. 

In late December 2008, just after winning their second LAN, Xynoptic had some major changes. Two of their players left the team. After a while Xynoptic got back on it’s feet by recruiting some of the best local talents;

  • Sam “blakz” Tellus
  • Ryan “Crusher” Sammut
  • Sergio “Pejt” Baldacchino

Xynoptic grew, from being a Call of Duty 4 team, to a Multi Gaming Organisation. In April 2009, Xynoptic made it’s first steps to becoming a Multi Gaming Organisation, opening up for the 3 following games; Counter Strike: Source, Strategy Games (Mainly C&C) and FIFA.

Xynoptic`Cod4 Cod4 Line-Up: 

  • Andreas “Murderer” Giordimaina
  • Niall “Najil” Silvio
  • Claudio “Poker” Grech
  • Sam “blakz” Tellus
  • Ryan “Crusher” Sammut
  • Sergio “Pejt” Baldacchino
  • Steve “Gunr” Silvio

We are currently competing in Clanbase Ladders, ESL, Open Cups as well as local Lan Tournaments. 

Xynoptic`CSS CSS Line-Up:

  • Sam “blakz” Tellus
  • Freddie “Viper” Borg
  • Nathan “Muxi” Galea
  • John “Venom” Peel
  • Philip “Xitan” Bonnici
  • Alexander “Ruski” Nevski
  • Kurt “Wipeout” Crockford

Call of Duty 4 Squad
1st Alive Lan v2
1st Alive Lan v3
2nd Clublan 09*
2nd Hackers 3v3 Tournament*
2nd Clublan*
2nd Hackers Lan*
3rd MMD Cup*
3rd Reckless Lan*
4th Revolution Lan*
4th Malta Cyber Games Cod 4 Cup*

Counter-Strike: Source
1st Vunder Lan
1st Hackers Lan
1st Clublan 09
1st Clublan 09
1st Hackers Lan
1st Gotlan 3 

1st Clublan 09*
1st Lanfest 07*
1st iPlay*
2nd Lannihilation*
2nd Gotlan v2*
2nd Revolution Lan*
2nd Hackers Tournament*
2nd Reckless Lan*
2nd Clublan*
3rd Exclusive Lan v2*
3rd Alive Lan v2*

Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath
1st Exclusive Lan v2*
2nd Clublan 09*
2nd Hackers 2v2 Tournament*

Call of Duty 2 Squad
2nd Hackers Lan Silver Tournament*

1st Hackers Lan

* I formed part of the competing team

Hackerz Team

Even before I was part of Xynoptic, I used to form part of another team, called ‘Hackerz Team’ which was sponsored by Hackers Lan Gaming Center at that time. Hackerz Team was also a successful Call of Duty 4 team which emerged from a team called Ghost Soldiers, before we were sponsored by Hackers. We used to place between 1st and 4th place at most major competitions. We competed in around 4 Lan Events between 2007 and 2008.  The below photos are some of our best memories from Hackerz Team. 


These are some of the results we had achieved with Ghost Soldiers and Hackerz Team:

Call of Duty 4 Squad

1st Lannihilation
1st Hackers 3v3 Tournament
3rd Alive Lan v2
4th Reckless Lan 

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