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I was interviewed by the Times of Malta about the release of our game Scarfish, which was released on iOS and Android Stores. The article was published on the iTech section in the Times of Malta Thursday, 7th 2013  and was also published online.

Download Scarfish for free:


Barbagann Games were asked several questions about gaming, mobile gaming, and the challenges faced during game development and this article was featured on the TV Guide which is handed out by The Times. The game Scarfish is still being developed and should be released some time next Summer. In the meantime, follow and for the latest news.
barbagann games, tv guide When I have a full, readable copy of the article, I will try to share it here so all of you can enjoy it 🙂


Scarfish, the game we developed snapped 2nd place and an honourable mention from Vince Briffa, one of the judges during the GameZing 2011 awards ceremony who is the head of department of Digital Art within the University of Malta.   The competition consisted of 13 teams in total from St. Martins Institute of IT, University of Malta, and a competitor from the University of Copenhagen.  After achieving third place when we were competing at the GameDev Challenge 2011 we were quite happy that we improved our position in this competition, with more competing teams.  We were also quite delighted we got an honourable mention from one of the judges for having the best graphics amongst other qualities. 

After this success with Scarfish, an iOS/Android/Web game we have developed during the last 7 months, we would like to improve the game further until we see it is in a position to be placed on the Apple and Android App Stores.  I would like to thank St. Martins for the support and tuition in the area of game development, GameZing for the awards ceremony and prizes, my team mates at Barbagann Games with whom we have worked so hard to achieve this placing and all of our supporters and testers.

GameZing 2011 Trophy

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The game “Scarfish” which my team, Barbagann Games were working on the last six months placed 3rd at the GameDev Challenge 2011 organised by St. Martins Insitute of IT.  The next real proving point is when the app is released on Android and iOS markets. We will also know the results for GameZing 2011 in January 2012. 

In the meantime, enjoy our introductory storyboard: 

This is an article I wrote a while ago named “Is the iPad right for your business?” which was just published today on the Times of Malta website and it was also published today with the printed version in the iTech section. Follow this link to read the article: .

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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I finally got my hands on the Apple iPad 2 – White, thanks to my parents who happen to bring me one from the Apple Store in Bullring, Birmingham while they were on vacation. At the time I got it, there were no local stores in Malta selling the Apple iPad 2 yet. I decided to share my thoughts and show some of the unboxing pictures.

ipad 2 box

iPad 2 - In the box


iPad 2 Open Box

iPad 2 White - Open Box

iPad 2 White - Box Contents

iPad 2 White - Box Contents


The main reason I wanted the iPad 2 is to use it as an eReader, Browsing, Meetings and using it as a Media Player. For all these purposes I will have to give the iPad 2 a 5 Star Rating. I was impressed with the tiny little things which just makes it a perfect tablet. iBooks is a great app for books, both for reading and reference. I use Evernote for notes, and sync it with my iPhone and PC. I also got an HDMI Converter with the iPad, this way I can watch movies, games, or anything which is running on the iPad 2 on a nice Samsung HD TV. The quality of movies is also great when being seen on the TV.