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One of the weaknesses of the default WordPress Visual Editor is that it lacks some features.  It often happens that a client is used to a particular visual editor and when moving onto WordPress he begins to dislike minor features which he could do before. Some of the main things are changing the font-size , and inserting a table from the visual editor.  

These issues can be easily be resolved by adding the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin – Which can be installed and configured in a few minutes.  You only need to drag and drop the features missing in your current editor, such as the font-size and table for example to include them.

FileZilla is a great, open source FTP Client.  I have been using it since I dived into Web Development, and never had any problems with it.

By default, FileZilla only allows two concurrent files being uploaded or downloaded, however this can easily be changed by going to Edit…Settings…Transfers… and setting the Maximum Simultaneous Transfers to 10.  I hope this helps, I found FileZilla to be much faster this way, but unfortunately I only realised about this after about 4 years of using FileZilla, but it is better late than never 🙂

Recently, I was talking with my friend about setting up a web server from home for testing purposes. I found my Mum’s old laptop and decided to install Ubuntu on it and install Apache.

If you follow this guide; , as I did, it should explain every step with setting up your web server.

It’s a great way to make use of an old computer, and with Ubuntu installed, it has great performance too. In the future I will try to setup a print server on Ubuntu too.

These are some of my favorite and most used apps I use on Windows.  These apps happen to be also Free, Open-Source or have a Free Edition, so enjoy.

  • Google Chrome If you are using Internet Explorer, this is definitely much better and you MUST switch.  If you are using Firefox I would suggest you look at Chrome, I was a Firefox fan and ended up loving Chrome.  I recommend you check it out, it’s much more fast than the other browsers, and comes is a neat design.  The only flaw I have found is that it does not read RSS Feeds by default, you have to download a plugin for that.
  • Dropbox – This application helps you store, sync and share files online. Dropbox automatically creates a file on your Windows Explorer and you can backup your files, or share your files just be dragging them to the Dropbox file on your Explorer.  It’s incredibly easy and I find myself using it every day.  Something cool about Dropbox is that I can access my files from My Desktop Pc, Laptop, and also from my iPhone.  When I want to share some files with my friends, all i do is insert their e-mail address in the sharing option and they can access the data in that folder.
  • VLC PlayerIt is simple to explain the VLC Player, the best description would be “It Plays Everything!”.  When Windows Media Player or your preffered Media Player prompts you that the codex is not compatible or that the regions do not match etc, just download VLC Player and it will play them without any troubles.
  • KeePass This is one of my favorite free Password Managers.  All you need to remember with KeePass is the master password, once you login with you master password you have access to all the passwords that you store.
  • PicasaOne of the Google  owned apps is Picasa.  It is a free photo editing software which is easy to use, and with just a couple of clicks you can add them to your online album which Picasa also host for free.  So if you’re an amateur or professional photographer and need a basic photo editing tools, or just want to share your pictures online Picasa would be a wise choice to look at.

I hope you find these useful, try them out yourself and let me know what you think of them.

I appreciate any comments,
Ryan Sammut