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Battles on the Horizon along with the other games which competed in GameZing Digital Games Production 2010 were mentioned on a feature in ‘The Times’ both on the newspaper, and also on the online version.

For those who would like to read the full article, you should visit this link: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20110505/technology/Digital-games-competition-reveals-budding-local-talent.363746

I would like to thank St. Martins Institute of IT and especially Neville Attard along with all the members of my team; Anthony Demanuele, Robert Vella, Clive Ciappara and Duncan Mercieca for such a great experience.

The indie game we developed last summer, Battles on the Horizon placed 2nd last night during the awards ceremony of Game Zing, a competition organised with the intent to encourage game development in Malta. We were competing with all the other Schools around Malta including the University of Malta, and there were around 9 teams in total.  The competition was split in two, the XNA Competition, and the Kodu Competition.

Both the winning team, and the runners up for the XNA Competition were from St. Martins Institute of IT.  I would like to congratulate all my team members who helped us earn these rewards, and the other competitors for making it a good competition. Hopefully you will see more games from us very soon 🙂

Battles on the Horizon

The results from the SMIIT GameDev Challenge are out. After showing our game to the public, the judges cast their votes, and our game, Battles on the Horizon placed 2nd.

All the teams and their games which participated in the GameDev challenge can be viewed at the Gamedev Website. I am happy to say it was a great experience, even tough I am slightly disappointed we didn’t manage to snap 1st. The work on Battles on the Horizon will not stop here, we intend to launch our game on the XBOX Live market place, and we will be showcasing our game at the open day of the Malta Maritime Museum.

Continuing on my previous post, we have now released the BETA version of our video game and I am posting the trailer here.

As you can see in the trailer, the game is mainly about trading, and naval battles.  We are working really hard to polish the game and hopefully our GameZing submission should be ready by the end of November.

Feel free to comment and give your ideas about the game.

One of the reasons I am not blogging so often recently is because I am part of a team named Barbagann Game Studios and we are developing a game called Battles on the Horizon.

The game genre is action and role playing.  The story takes place in Malta, in the 18th Century when Malta was ruled by the Knights of St. John.  The character whom you will be playing with is a young Corsair and you have been entrusted with one of the orders Ships. vYour job is to trade in the Mediterranean seas and to defend yourself against pirate attacks.

We are going to use this game to enter a local Digital Games Production competition called GameZing.

One of the reasons that we created this game for, is to help young students who don’t like reading about our history, by giving them a game to play which is obviously more fun and it is based on some of Malta’s rich history which they can re-live!

The game should be finished by the end of November, and the Beta should be out by the end of October.



You can visit our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Battles-on-the-Horizon/141107592594582
or visit our website: http://www.barbaganngames.com