An issue which raises concern is cyber bullying and cyber defamation. One way of doing this is to buy a domain in another person’s name and put harmful or defaming content about that person without that person knowing. This has become a serious problem and these are some tips to help recover from such a mishap:

  • Use a WhoIs tool and attempt to contact the domain provider to release that domain due to harmful content against yourself. Legal intervention may also be needed.
  • If the person is using a domain name with your personal name, you may dispute this with ICAAN in an attempt to have that domain released and/or transferred.
  • Consider asking a lawyer to write a letter and use it in order to ask Google to not show that website in search results. This would avoid having the site show up when somebody searches your name.

The above should act as a starting point when attempting to stop such cases since they are some of the least costly and painful procedures.