Fedora 13 is a Linux based Operating System.  You can test it out just by downloading an ISO-Format image from Fedora’s Website and burning it to a CD.  When booting your PC, make sure you boot from your CD and you’re done.  You can now use Fedora 13 from your CD.


This is a good way of testing the OS out and see if you like it before installing it.  Once you’re sure that you want to install it, you just need to go on Fedora’s desktop, and double click on the installation file. The installation process is quite straight forward and you shouldn’t run into any difficulties.  The following image should appear when your installation was completed, and you will now be asked to configure your system.

After configuring your system, you should be done. Visit this link to view the release notes and see what’s new in Fedora 13.

I wanted to share this find because it’s really easy to use Fedora 13 and install it, and it’s a good Operating System.  The only problem for Windows users like me is the lack of applications.  However Fedora 13 comes with a neat and useful Software Management tool where you can easily download and install Linux compatible software.

Final Thoughts


  • Easy to install
  • Automatic printer driver installation
  • Good for novice Linux users (like me)


  • Some important software are not installed by default, which means more work to the user
  • Software installations may require Command-Line instructions.

I would recommend this for Beginner Linux users.  Beginner Linux users might also be interesting in checking out Ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/ – The setup procedure is nearly the same.

Ryan Sammut