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Google Plus or Google+ is the latest application which Google are currently working on. They are trying to integrate Social Media into Google’s Products.

Does Google have what it takes to compete with Facebook? I doubt it, I hope they learnt their lesson from Google Wave and Buzz. However, they have 75% of the Search Engine market share, so they can integrate it with their Search Engine to give it that extra advantage.

We’ll have to wait and see if Google keeps failing when it comes to Social Media or they will nail this one.

Google Plus

The pie chart below shows the percentage market share which the most popular search engines are taking. This is showing a decrease in Yahoo’s market share, and an increase in Bing’s market share compared with 2010’s statistics. Google kept a strong position, and a relatively similar market share.


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Watch the video below, as it explains the No Follow links and how you should sort your Follow and No Follow links. I hope you get a clearer view of No Follow links, because people do not tend to take care of it, and think that every link will benefit your Google PageRank.

Similar to No Follow Links, I also found this video. If you intend to sell links or banners, it is recommended to add a nofollow tag to your link.