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There are many so called web developers, web development companies and seo experts here in Malta, but most of them, little do they know about SEO.  Giving a website to a client without the necessary SEO, is like giving your client a showroom in the middle of nowhere.

I have met and discussed this issue with a lot of clients, and most of them pay a large sum of money for their website. Sometimes they are even lacking the basic things such as Meta Description and Meta Keywords are missing.

I believe that Malta has a lot to improve when it comes to SEO, and the general public has a lot to learn. SEO can be easy to understand and grasp the basics, however is also a continuously changing and vast subject, therefore only a few people may know all the tricks about SEO.


This is an issue which many people still are not fully understandable of. You find many people, even Web Professionals who still believe that meta keywords are still being used by Google. Well the reality is that Google does not use Meta Keywords but they now focus on the content of the website.

Having said that, other search engines may still use them so it’s still not a complete waste of time by putting some keywords in your site.
Meta Tags

One of the most difficult SEO problems is to get a remedy for the issue of duplicate content.  So if you think that having more than one version of your own websites listed on different domains will help your visitors to find one of your websites, think again.  Search Engines punish websites which they see of having duplicate content by failing them to show up in search engines, which is every web owners worst nightmare.

This is done to discourage plagiarism and the tendency of others on the web stealing your work and republish it as their own.

Other things you need watch out for:
  • Avoid using product descriptions from manufacturers and publishers which are found in e-commerce websites with a high Google Page Rank
  • If your website offers print friendly pages, make sure that crawlers do not crawl that page because it may be seen as having duplicate content.  This can be done by using the meta “noindex” tag or by specifing no follow in the “robots.txt”
  • Watch out for pages that share common text.  This is often found in large e-commerce websites when similar products, from the same manufacturer share common content
These are the most common issues with duplicate content, you should watch out from duplicate content if you want to achieve a good page rank with Google.

The meta description tag is there to give a brief description of your webpage.  This will be helpful when your webpage turns up in Google’s search results.

Instead of having Google generating this automatically for you, by selecting the first few words in your website, you can insert this manually.

What you put in the meta description tag, is what the people will see when your website appears in Google’s search Result. Let’s take the example below:

Google meta description

The text inside the red box is the meta description

The following is an example of a meta description tag:

<meta name=”description” content=”Brief description of your web page.”>

The above code should be inserted in the head section of your webpage, between these tags: <Head> </Head>


  • When writing a meta description, you should limit it to about 170 to 200 characters at most.
  • You can write a meta description for each page, making it relevant to the content of your web page.

Please note that this takes time, and you will not find the new meta description right after you’ve just saved it.  You have to wait for Google’s crawlers to crawl your website again.