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One of my areas of expertise is SEO. Some of the services I offer are:

  • Consultation Services, where I advise my clients how they can improve their Search Engine Optimisation for their website
  • Repairing the code in your website, to fix any issues which can make your site less Search Engine Optimised
  • Monthly Reporting to keep track of where visitors are coming from, and how we can increase visits
  • Backlink Generation
  • If your site is in a hopeless case, it might make sense to rebuild a new website with SEO in mind from the start, this will definitely increase your hits
  • and much more White Hat SEO techniques to improve hits on your website

So if you are interested in any Search Engine Optimisations for your website, or you want a Search Engine Optimised custom website, feel free to contact me via e-mail on ryan@ryansammut.com . 


There are many so called web developers, web development companies and seo experts here in Malta, but most of them, little do they know about SEO.  Giving a website to a client without the necessary SEO, is like giving your client a showroom in the middle of nowhere.

I have met and discussed this issue with a lot of clients, and most of them pay a large sum of money for their website. Sometimes they are even lacking the basic things such as Meta Description and Meta Keywords are missing.

I believe that Malta has a lot to improve when it comes to SEO, and the general public has a lot to learn. SEO can be easy to understand and grasp the basics, however is also a continuously changing and vast subject, therefore only a few people may know all the tricks about SEO.