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I had basic knowledge of PHP, I had created some contact forms and small scripts before, but never really went deep.

This week I thorn my ankle’s ligaments, so I am spending most of my time in bed. Thanks to my iPad and iBooks I have much more time for reading now, and I’m trying to use it wisely by learning something new. I am reading this book: PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling & Laura Thomson.

It is quite an interesting book, and I can already see how my web development skills will improve once I get confident with PHP. Another very good website is http://www.php.net. It has manuals for each function in PHP, which can make your life easier.

I work mostly with Oracle Database Technologies, so there were a few things which I’m not used to when it comes to mySQL. However I found it pretty easy to work with mySQL and I have to say that the new phpMyAdmin interface looks much better too.

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When using modern versions of internet browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10, Safari 5 and Firefox 3 you may notice that the scroll bar is not visible if the website fits your resolution, for example www.google.com does not need a scroll bar on most resolutions.   The scroll bar only appears when the page needs to be scrolled, for example when viewing the news feed of Facebook.

Why am I saying this?

Some time ago, I was testing a small website I was developing for my game development team www.barbaganngames.com and I noticed that when I view the Team Page, the template of the website moves slightly (about 10 pixels) to the left.  I spent about 2 hours trying to debug this issue, and checking the HTML and CSS of my website to be sure that there is nothing wrong.  Then I realised it was because of the scroll bar appearing and disappearing in Chrome and not because of a bug in my website.

I hope this helps you when testing your site, and you don’t waste time debugging the website like I did.